Roundelay Live at Distortion 2010-08-14

You can now listen to Roundelay Live at Distortion: 2010-08-14


We will soon see the doors of Distortion close, ending an era in the St. John’s music scene. So many kids discovered their new favorite bands at all-ages shows.  So many groups started out there, and we’ve made many dear friends!

Some memorable moments at Distortion include but are certainly not limited to:

-The CD release party for our self-titled album.

-Seeing Ben Trovato play for the first time.    These were some lovely folks just out of high school who would go on to form about 1000 other amazing bands/musical acts!

-Epic Wednesdays with Adam Baxter: We once asked to play, but weren’t confident in our ability to pull off a convincing acoustic performance.  However, Glenn and Adam were kind enough to let us perform an experimental, completely improvised 45-minute set! Glenn and Adam loved it 😅

-A completely bonkers New Years show: I don’t recall which year, but there was a Journey cover played by someone.

-Any Geinus show ever.

The bar was high energy yet comfortable. Friends would hang out and talk about the week’s grind.  To try and capture the spirit of this place, we’ve decided to leave this recording uncut from beginning to end.  You can hear all the goings-on during an evening at distortion. The conversations, the technical troubles, and the great time had by all.  The date of this show, August 14, 2010, celebrated the 4th birthday of Distortion. Our set was the first of three including Be Alright and Sheavy, so the night only got crazier and better as it went on till the early morning.

Special thanks for Glenn Tizzard and all the work he put into Distortion, including recording virtually everything that has ever been played there!

Also a special thanks to Jeff Roberts aka JMR for the excellent mastering of this recording.

We hope you enjoy our participation in a very special place called Distortion.  Thanks for reading and happy listening!

Author: Roundelay

Roundelay is a Canadian alternative rock group from St. John's, Newfoundland & Labrador. Members include Mike Lahey, Joe Tucker, Logan Wall, and Brad Nichols.

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